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Updated October 2023

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Album Release Promo

One-sheet album promotion

"Are you ready, dear loyal listener, to hear a new voice that we guarantee you that you’re going to love?  Laura Zarougian’s sound is rather special – she grew up on the coast of the Atlantic but the sounds spinning around her head were a mixture of sixties and seventies folk legends and the Armenian folk songs that her grandparents passed down to her.  Blending them together has given Zarougian a personal subgenre of her own: 'I call the genre ‘Armenian Cowgirl’ because the themes are often about the stories of my ancestors, through my own interpretation of the American music I love' she says."

- Jonathan Aird, Americana UK



"...the music of Laura Zarougian draws on everything from mystical desert rock to the wistful classics of Emmylou Harris and Neil Young in order to tell the story of her forebears. New single ‘Cairo’ applies this to the city of its title, casting Egypt as a distant, almost mythical place, one constructed from old tales and holding secrets too."

-Jon Doyle, Various Small Flames



"New artist Laura Zarougian brings her visionary and transcendent approach to Nayri, an album that moves us in such a way that we long for home, and a place far beyond us, all at the same time" 

- Armen Saryan, Host and On-Air Producer at IHeartMedia Milwaukee


"Zarougian's voice is gorgeous - finessing both a twangy throwback sound, and a strong modern style and delivery." 

- Kris Towne, Head Producer and Engineer at Capricorn Studios, San Diego



"Laura Zarougian follows in a fine alt-country tradition, with engaging detours into jazz, pop, and spoken-word poetry. The lyrics and eclectic instrumentation of Nayri offer moments of pure levity and melancholic reflection in equal measure. The tracks boogie and sway, lifting you right up to the rafters in one moment and planting you firmly on solid ground the next. Nayri takes us on an inviting journey from Laurel Canyon to late-night jazz lounges to honky-tonks."

-Josh Glick, Professor of Film and Media Studies, Bard College


"Zarougian's fusion of folk and pop is enchanting. Her songs acknowledge the unavoidable melancholy of life -- and make you want to keep laughing"

- Masha Shpolberg, Professor of Film and Electronic Arts, Bard College


"...'Back To Piran’ in itself is a gorgeous song, full of longing, and Zarougian excels on several other similar laments such as ‘Doubter’s Highway’, 'Cairo' and ‘Orono’. Highly recommended."

-Paul Kerr, Americana UK

About Nayri (September 2023)
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